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Oops I arted when I should have been studying by Firedog-Ookami Oops I arted when I should have been studying :iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 1 4 Fair Verona - Expanded by Firedog-Ookami Fair Verona - Expanded :iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 11 7 Firenze by Firedog-Ookami Firenze :iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 1 1 Fair Verona by Firedog-Ookami Fair Verona :iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 9 6 Sacre Couer en bleu by Firedog-Ookami Sacre Couer en bleu :iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 5 17
What a terribly odd idea.
That I must bleed a factory's worth of pens and a forest worth of paper—
So that I may meet an arbitrary measurement of learning—
A valueless number of value.
I am growing old. The world ages silently with me.
What have I gained from it? Grains of sand slipping through—
My porous hands: incapable of recapture, of grasping the moment—
My sister, my darling Catherine, waits at home for me—
But I am occupied.
My mother, the origin of everything we know—
Held captive by 'owners'—
Private Property.
But I am the progeny of the natives, the inheritor of the Earth—
Heir of the forests of my forefathers—
Denied of communion.
How does a man come to own the earth?
What arrogance has befallen us?
To work away the best years of our lives—
With a golf course and a bowl of grits as the light at the end of our tunnel?
Come huckleberrying with me.
Forget that unnatural state of human affairs—receive life f
:iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 5 4
Salutations From Another Age
Hello, Student!
You, there! Pouring over my poems with drudgery.
Half-asleep, fumbling for the keyhole.
Let me give you a hint:
I make locks without keys
And doors without keyholes.
The universe may live in a bedroom—
All three pounds of it—
But you will continue searching among the chewed up pens and scraps of paper
In search of him.
So, take heart dear future! I send you salutations from another age!
:iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 0 5
Some Days
Some days, everything is poetic.
Those are the days you notice the reflections in the floor
And the pettering birds on the rotting windowsill.
The kinds of days life intoxicates you and holds you captive,
And unwilling but unresisting subject.
Even the rubbish bins beg to be lyricized
And the polluted smoke becomes a dancing shadow against the canvas of sky
In a brief escape from reality
My escapades in words trap a piece of the soul in the mundane schlep of life
  And shades my heart from the harsh rays of truth.
:iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 7 1
I am a stormy paradox
Here to rain on your crisp summer evening
The universe does not fit in a box.
A contradiction cannot be captivated.
One cannot push the ocean into a fishbowl
And call it a charming two bedroom flat.
So I merely ask you to erase your memories
And destroy your conceptions
And behold without thinking—appreciate the cosmos
Without mathematizing him.
:iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 2 3
The Blessed and the Damned
What an interesting phenomena, the sneeze.
A rally of "God bless you"
Like a choir.
Well, I say God damn you.
If there was ever a thing to bless or damn
I suppose a sneeze is more worthy than your soul.
Tell me, what is the weight of your soul?
Lighter than a sneeze
And freer than an autumn breeze
Your soul is carried away. Chaff in the great eternal wind.
God damn you for breaking my concentration with a ceremonious sneeze.
God damn you for taking the time
To bless something so unworthy in nature
While you ignored that person you see every day that hurts
You should be off blessing them
For Christ's sake
How are you blind to the sufferings of your brothers and sisters and yet
So attentive to a sneeze?
Blessed are those who help society's 'damned'
Instead of damning themselves with society.
:iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 3 7
Now that I have achieved 'learning'
Nearly graduated from a 'school'
I have come to realize I understand nothing at all.
The understanding of understanding nothing
Is what they call 'education.'
It is not the nothing, but the understanding of nothing
That makes a man 'enlightened'
I want to show you myself. I want to bring you into a world
Of spinning glasses and crystal memories
Of amber shadows spinning in the dust
And papery old photographs with coffee stains from the beans' dark roast
And the cedar chiffarobe relaxing in the corner
As I watch you saunter in
Glass in hand, loping through the eaves like a dangling envelope filled with stamps
And Renaissance paintings adorning the halls.
You'd remove your glasses and smile almost sadly
Only because you'd forgotten all but the melancholy smiles that we deceived the whole world with
And the disguise would peel away like an orange or a chestnut
In the wooden boxes on the table.
The crust, the mantel, the layers of cold stone
Would give w
:iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 3 3
Well Water Philosophy
I do not have time to discuss philosophy with you
So I wish you'd hang up the phone.
I don't know why you are so intent on calling me—
You never reach me.
Because I've got 60 math problems to do
As if I did not have enough of my own.
And I don't understand any of them.
But the math problems are beautiful at least
And at most they have an end.
I yearn for but a drip of the sweet wine of the thirstless well
But all I see is
A Hell of a lot of
Molecules H2O.
And no Lucifer to spare for Hades' company
Is instead more akin to the flavor burning up my throat
As I try to answer the phone just one more time
Firing into the receiver
A ph of 14. The D fell off somewhere in grad school when I went over the edge.
And I know the only reason I ever wanted to heal people is because
I simply wanted to heal myself
And there you go again with your obsessive compulsive numeric phonotonic disorder
Driving me down that
Water full of NaCl slips across my face as I fail to graph the so
:iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 2 3
Damned Creativity
You know how it is with poems.
I go for months without touching the subject
But when I have a rare piece of time
I just don't know what to do with it.
They are like little diseases each of them
Infectious little brutes. Eating up my pens
Causing me to scribble furiously on scraps of paper
Looking like a madman intoxicated with creation
God is a drug. The making of things, the power, the beautiful wisps of nothingness
Crazy psychopath he was. An artist sitting upon his stool with a swath of paint dripping across his nose
That chemical odor wafting through the room as he embarked on the greatest masterpiece attempted
That crazy thing called life, with all of its marked imperfections
Brazen laziness, they say. But step back and look a great deal closer and you see
All of the purposeful imperfections make it beautiful.
Staccato, Chiaroscuro, volavo volavo, legato the greatest contrast
Mad piece of humanity he was
God. And now he's got me trapped in this creative archetype
As I spiral away
:iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 4 6
French Island by Firedog-Ookami French Island :iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 0 0 Normandy by Firedog-Ookami Normandy :iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 1 0 FRIEDEN by Firedog-Ookami FRIEDEN :iconfiredog-ookami:Firedog-Ookami 1 0

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  • Listening to: Negramaro
  • Reading: ALL THE CARL SAGAN!
  • Watching: the oh-so-interesting elections (/sarcasm/)
  • Playing: cards and this stupid spinning quarter game.
  • Eating: anything I can find.
  • Drinking: Green tea.
I think I need to upload some new stuff soon. And I need to work on the arts this summer.



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Favourite cartoon character: Kakashi Hatake, Ludwig, Gilbert, Roderich, Kyouya Ootori, L. Lawliet
Personal Quote: "Give me the light now that you're out of the dark."


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